You’re Downsized: the Option Solving Solution

Being downsized through no fault of your own is pretty common these days. After dealing with the shock, the reflections “Why me?” and potential embarrassment, you then have to deal with, “What am I going to do now?”

Fortunately you have one great resource you can draw upon – your intuitive intelligence. Somewhere within its enormous capability and experience, it knows just what you should be doing next. It just needs to be approached in the right way: then it will guide you in the right direction.

Your starting point is to utilize your rational mind to ask your intuitive mind the right question. (Note: The rational mind asks the right questions and the intuitive mind makes the best judgments.) So the rational mind could ask a simple question like, “What’s the right career step for me to pursue at this moment in time?” (Note: By reading the book you can insert other qualifiers which will make the question even more incisive.)

Your next step will be to find the two bookends that will really encourage your intuitive mind to become as creative as possible. You need to find options that your intuitive mind wants to reject: like 1) Sit around and wait for the right job to come along; or 2) Go and knock on every likely company door asking for an opportunity” …more about bookends in the book.

Once your question and bookends are in place, they form the framework for all the viable options that may emerge. It could be helpful for a friend or confidante to be around at this point, to help you be objective and creative about your talents and capabilities. In this scenario, set out in diagrammatic form (see attached latest example) the career options which are the most appealing to you. We won’t define those at this stage because they really are a personal thing and examples will only obfuscate what’s right for you (again the book will outline these principles).

At the moment these are laid out – there should be at least 5-6 – then you need some “emotional distancing” to make the right choice – again refer to the book. The key thing is to sleep on your choices, asking the earlier formed question immediately before closing your eyes, and then respond to the first most apparent choice once you wake.

What ever it is, that’s what you should be doing. Your intuitive intelligence will have sorted through all the ifs, buts and trade-offs, as well as keyed in to your real passion.  You should now pursue this choice/option with all your might! Issue solved. (Next blog posting within the week.)


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