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Phone: 212-332-8907

Smart Decisions:
Goodbye Problems…Hello Options

♦2009  ♦$13.99  ♦Soft Cover ♦6″x9″ | 96 pages ♦ISBN 9781599321622

Smart Decisions bookTurning Challenging Problems into Decisive Options

Our recent economic tsunami indicates a crisis
in decision making within our business world
and society as a whole. It seems that we have
developed too much reliance upon our left
brain, rational problem solving faculties. Our
right brain intuitive powers are there to make
the best judgments in most situations. Option
solving is a natural but largely untapped technique
to take advantage of our extraordinary
intuitive capabilities. This book enables you to
discover the full virtues of this technique and
use it in business, professional and personal
situations to make superior decisions. Within
the business world it is a great tool for resolving
fundamental organizational, commercial,
strategic and operational issues in an optimal

“Peter Arthur-Smith has produced a savvy and practical
book that will change how you approach the challenges in
your business. By showing you the limits of ‘
problem-solving’ and the power of whole-minded thinking,SMART DECISIONS will expand your strategies
and widen your possibilities.”
Daniel H. Pink, author of business best seller

“Concentrate on his steps, such as asking the right questions, establishing bookends, determining options, and solving the issue; then follow your gut.” Barbara Jacobs, American Library Association, February 2010 edition of “Booklist.”

Author: Peter Arthur-Smith


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