Taking a Better Approach to Quality through Option Solving

Not so long ago I was working with an important Regional group on its quality concerns. Although quality is an important item to many organizations: due the nature of this regional organization’s activities, quality was critical; almost a life threatening issue. It had just recently received a less than stellar review from a governmental agency, so was compelled to put things right.

It put together a cross section of about 13-14 people, including senior executives to ground-floor people, to consider this issue. It was important to have a good sprinkling of ground-floor people so that whatever course was taken, it would not be perceived as a purely executive mandate. Once together and once they understood the Option Solving concept, the group set about forming the right question: this was helped by taking into account certain considerations. These can be seen in the Latest Example (see blog tab) with a question such as: “What is our best approach to define (in a compelling/ inspirational way) and enable quality, to take XYZ Organization to the next level; considering the building of the right “top of the mind” culture, best practices, moving beyond compliance, becoming a “no-blame” enterprise, and using resources more effectively?”

Once this question was established, the group produced two bookends, one of which was, “Stay the way we are.” For the other you can see in the Latest Example. With these in place, the group parlayed the enormous capacity of the human mind to build other options/alternatives. They then proceeded to develop seven alternatives, one of which was (B) Recruit the Right Leader of Quality to Orchestrate to most Appropriate Strategy. There ultimate choice will be left unsaid because only the people who participated can appreciate the significant value of the choice they made: again see Latest Example and the Book. This is another way of seeing how Option Solving can be applied so well to any issue, personal or professional, owing to the power of the technique and the intuitive mind.

 Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 3 weeks (after vacation): Best way to Communicate a Unified Image, through Option Solving. Make your COMMENTS or go to peter @ileadershipsolutions.com to connect with the author.)