What is my best date option for travelling to UK in light of Covid and health situation: by way of using Option Solving?

Your editor has been considering travelling to UK to visit his sons for quite some time, although has been constrained from making a decision in light of COVID trends-situation both in the UK and US. The current early October upward trend in both countries makes for sobering and cautious decision-making con.  It was therefore appropriate to consider his current range of options.

With that in mind, he developed a question as follows: “What is my best date option for travelling to UK in light of Covid and personal health situation; considering 1) current COVID trends in UK and US –Fall season(?), 2) don’t wish to end up spending money on 10 quarantine, 3) budget is tight and health issues, and 4) Robin-Simon want earliest date for him to visit?” It’s appropriate for your editor to focus on only four considerations to reduce the complexity of any eventual decision – when the ultimate decision moment arrives – despite there being many other possibilities out there.

He then proceeded to choose two appropriate yin and yang “bookends”,as these would help keep his intuitive mind focused against other mental distractions. Bookends such as these are vital for preventing our fertile intuitive minds from wandering and losing concentration. We are mostly unaware of how powerfully valuable but foot-loose our intuition can be unless we can keep it properly focused on such occasions.   

His ultimate two bookends turned out to be: “Postpone idea for 6 more months” Robin disappointment and age clock ticking;and “Set date come-hell-or-high-water” Get stuck with airfare and quarantine expense. You will note the italicized detractors associated with these least likely options, which therefore put these out of consideration. Even so, these bookends will now nudge his intuitive thinking into high gear to find more promising options – see ourLatest Worked Example.

He ultimately came up with his six most realistic options” – A thru F – after additional thought. Now he was positioned to pursue further emotional distancing beforehe proceeded with the outcome. From there he would be further positioned tomake an optimum choice on next steps…perhaps after 2 hours, later in that day, or first thing the following morning. You can replace his proposed options with any of your own.

While they all look quite relevant, your editor was now initially particularly intrigued by – Option F: Clarify health issue before making any decisions. The pictograph now offered some other potential optimum alternatives – keep option A: Monitor trends on daily basis for leveling indicator- UK government website in mind, too.He can also now consider pursuing any of the other options over time.

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Peter Arthur-Smith, Originator of Option Solving

Peter Arthur-Smith, Originator of Option Solving

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