Communicating with a Unified Corporate Image, Through Option Solving

Recently I was working with a group of executives who were struggling with the issue of developing a unified corporate image. When I suggested some time to consider all their options, they were intrigued. Their level of intrigue went up even higher when I suggested a more comprehensive framework for such an exercise: rather than pursue it in an adhoc manner.

When I asked them about some of the issues related to this important topic, they came up with ideas such as:  Emotional attachment to existing image; multiple documents with multiple authors; having local identity/brand recognition; …until they had listed nine in all. By polling them individually (important in option solving), they highlighted the four most important. These included the “local identity/brand recognition” item but also: Fear of passing judgment on others; Relaunch of the corporate name; and Consistency of message. From these they were able to frame the right question (see latest example). You will also see the unlikely option “bookends” they chose, as well as one or two of their more viable options.

The most important realization they came to was; when they were allowed to utilize their intuitive intelligence (as encouraged by the exercise of Option Solving) the best solution emerged relatively easily. Why was this? Now we know it’s because our intuitive intelligence is very powerful: collectively it’s even more so. Given the right environment, it can be especially creative and consequently reveal possibilities not normally considered. And so their collective solution came forth without too much difficulty. Even more encouraging, was the fact that everyone more or less bought into it because they were consulted and involved in the decision. These are some of the true benefits of Option Solving.

 Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: Best way to get along with my boss, through Option Solving. Make your COMMENTS or go to peter to connect with the author.)


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