Influencing Key Decisions through Option Solving

Recently I was talking with a non-profit which was bidding for one of its programs to be adopted and funded by its local city. The bidding process was going to be even tougher than usual owing to the current fiscal crisis at most cities. It would therefore have to compete even harder for the $s that can be made available. The challenge then came down to the optimum strategy it should pursue in order to be successful in its bid.

As always the first challenge was to decide upon the right question. There was some heavy discussion with those present to figure out that question. It started out as: “What is the optimum strategy for us to focus on going forward to aid our XYZ City bid…” Once this was set, then we started to clarify the defining considerations. Eventually these came down to: “…considering severe financial constraints, the great need for health assistance, the different vested interests involved, and the need for someone to take the lead?” – see the Latest Example. As discussed in prior postings, getting the question right at the outset is critical to getting the right solutions from our intuitive mind. The intuitive mind is used to being asked thousands of times per day, by our rational mind, for its opinion on many things. The more precise the questions are from our rational mind, the better the intuitive mind will pick the right response. This is why many people will particularly dwell on defining the issue before giving their opinions.

We then defined two bookends – see the latest example –, so that our intuitive mind will reject these and find better alternatives. From this we were then able to identify six alternative options for ultimate consideration by our intuitive senses: again see the latest example.

Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: “Using Option Solving to assist Strategic Decision Making.”  Make your COMMENTS or go to peter to connect with the author.)


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