Making the Most of My New Year’s Resolution: by means of Option Solving!

Two weeks ago a lot of people were either in the process of making or had already made a New Year’s Resolution. It is well known that few New Year’s Resolutions neither make it very far nor, even if they do, are not acted upon especially diligently. Maybe you’ve already abandoned yours; maybe you’re at the half-hearted stage.

One of the reasons for such paucity in success is because people are really not emotionally committed to their intentions. This is where option solving comes in because, if the technique is used properly, users are emotionally committed to its choices. By tapping into ones intuitive mind, we are more likely to connect with the emotional side of our decision making and therefore our level of commitment increases.

To this end, anyone making a New Year’s Resolution could start out with a question along the lines: “What is my optimal resolution for this year, considering the economic environment is still rather tight, my family’s needs, my own need to move forward, and my need to accomplish something really valuable?” (Note the considerations in the second part of the question.)


With this question in place, it is now possible to anchor it with the more extreme options (otherwise known as ‘bookends’). These could include: “Not pursuing a resolution this year” at one end and “Make a great breakthrough this year.”


From here, we can now insert at least 5-6 New Year Resolution choices in between, in order to stretch the choices as much as possible. Sleep on them overnight: this is particularly important to increase the level of commitment. Such natural emotional distancing enables our intuitive mind to really explore all the issues and challenges associated with the different options. By the following morning, it will be settled on the option we have the best chance of keeping. And so our resolution becomes more of a reality instead of a maybe. Come to think of it, now I can make my own resolution.    

Please refer to the Latest Example to view the overall picture of a recent solution. If you have an example of your own, please share it with this blogger, through the COMMENTS area. 

Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: “Using Option Solving to decide on ‘Forming the right collaborative relationship with another group or department?’”  You’re your COMMENTS or go to peter to connect with the blogger.)


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