Peeling the Onion – Wooing someone our way: using Option Solving?

Based upon our last example two weeks ago, my friend opted to Peel the Onion on his option choice at that time. Assuming he chose option A:  Expose him (John) to more products and materials to hold his interest”: then our Latest Example shows the new related question, considerations, bookends and sub-options that emanate from that choice.

This now gives my friend a new range of options to consider. So he now engaged in “emotional distancing,” by working on something else for a while, and then returned to select an additional choice from his sub-options. This now refines his approach toward attracting John.

If my friend so wishes, he can repeat the Peel the Onion exercise in order to find further refinements in his approach. This could go on for several iterations, which will provide ever greater tactical refinements to his original dilemma.

If you have an example of your own, please share it with this blogger, through the COMMENTS area.  Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: “An executives best option for becoming more consistent in his focus.”  Let’s have your COMMENTS or go to to connect with the blogger.)



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