Peeling the Onion for finding Better Career Choices for Younger or Seasoned Folks: using Option Solving

In our last Option Solving blog, we explored the way young or more seasoned job hunters can create a pictogram of their career options and then, through emotional distancing, draw upon the wisdom of their extraordinary intuitive mind to choose their best career option. Once they have decided on the career of their choice, now they can use peeling the onion to find the best means of getting started in that career.
Using the same option solving technique as before, their first step in Peeling the Onion is to come up with an appropriate question. You can view our Latest Example to see a preferred question like: “What is the best way for me to pursue the career of my choice using Peeling the Onion, considering the difficulties of getting onto the ladder, the need to get a solid entrée, a tough market for starter positions, and the need to make the most of every opportunity” The given four considerations are at least 50% of the drawn-up listing.
Now you set about producing two bookends (find out more about these from the book). The most likely bookends could be: 1) Do nothing and just hope the right job comes along. 2) Follow the career path decided by my family and friends, as per the previous career choice blog. The idea behind bookends is to choose extremes the young or seasoned job hunter is least likely to follow: hence the ones stated above. As extremes, these bookends prompt one’s mind to come up with the most realistic but creative options.
With these in place, now the career seeker can determine the five or more reasonable options for getting their chosen career started. By referring to our latest example, you will see that one option is to:” Offer to work pro-bono in organization of career choice and hope to be given a paid opportunity after trial period”…Option E. The four other considered options are there. Maybe you can see other options.
Now you pursue some “emotional distancing,” whether that be for 10-20 minutes or you decide to sleep on it. After that break, quickly look through the pictogram and decide on your optimum choice. Once done, you should now put together an “action initiative,” while things are still fresh in your mind, in order to proceed.
Once decided, don’t let family and friends put you off. No matter the challenges or obstacles, this is the best career sub-step for you. You should pursue your dream career at all costs. Remember, “He/she who lets go is the one who loses out.” Best of luck with your chosen career! (Note: Get your family and friends to visit this blog, too!)
If you have an option solving example of your own, please share it with this blogger, through the COMMENTS area.
Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: “What is our best alternative toward running more effective meetings?’” Let’s have your COMMENTS or go to to connect with the blogger.)


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