Career Decisions Again: using Option Solving

A family friend recently found himself wondering what his next career step would be because, after 3 years of study, where he got a masters degree in law, he didn’t succeed with his bar exam. The bar is high, so he has to decide whether to take it again in the Spring or return to his family and settle into a career. Since family circumstances have changed at home, the sooner he puts himself somewhat at their disposal and brings in some sort of income, it will put their minds at rest.
It was now time to make use of option solving, so as to come up with an optimum career solution. Since he had already read the book: ‘Smart Decisions: Goodbye Options, Hello Options,” he was aware of the initial need to develop an appropriate question to prime his “brain tissue.” This question came out to be: “What will be my optimum career possibility; considering I have to take my bar exam again, I already have a masters law degree, It’s time to move ahead with my career, there are several possibilities from where I am today, and family circumstances have changed in recent times?” The considerations were important to properly frame the question and only the key ones are shown here..
He then knew he had to create two bookends to prime his intuitive mind for figuring out the best possibilities. His chosen bookends were: at one end “Sit back and enjoy life until the right situation comes along,” as the Yin, while the Yang at the other end was: “Pursue education for a totally different career.” The reasons why these extreme options were unacceptable are indicated in our Latest Example. He was now ready to seek out the most realistic but creative options.
It was important for him to produce at least five options; as a way of stretching his intuitive senses to come up with every reasonable possibility. In this case, he came up with five, but left himself room to determine at least one other option over night. One of those he produced was: “Seek a position in corporate counsel’s office (or non-profit equivalent) and then use as a stepping stone into other corporate positions “…Option C. The four other considered options are shown, with one open item (F) should he arrive at any additional option.
Once his full pictogram is in place, with or without his extra F option, he should allow time for emotional distancing. Emotional distancing will allow him time to distance himself from the pictogram, turn to some other project for a while, and then revisit it to make his final choice. This ED could be for 10-20 minutes or he could sleep on it, again, overnight.
Emotional distancing allows the enormous power of the intuitive mind to subconsciously mull over the pictogram, since it prefers interpreting pictures, to relate his given options to all prior similar experiences. Maybe you can see another option or know which way you would go?
Once he’s made that choice, it’s strongly recommended that he figure out an action initiative immediately while all the issues are at the forefront of his mind. It will also spur him to move ahead rather than second-guess himself. The latter could prove career fatal.
If you have an option solving example of your own, please share it with this blogger, through the COMMENTS area.
Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: “Career decisions, once more!” Let’s have your COMMENTS or go to to connect with the blogger.)


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