Next best step for my firm: using Option Solving

Year end and life’s journey is a natural place to be thinking about the next step in ones career and with ones business. After a slow return to business as usual and rethinking fresh approaches to move Leadership Solution’s (LSI) paradigm forward, it has become more clear that LSI’s approach toward Enlightened Leadership is likely to have more appeal among the younger generations than current mainstream executives. This also implies a younger generation person to promote the concept among younger generations.
Being well-versed in the option solving approach, it didn’t take long to start generating a likely question to pose to my intuitive mind for consideration when the time came. My question came out as: “What would be my best future option; considering it probably needs a younger person to take the helm, it is poised with fresh thinking and capabilities, the market is still rather slow, and its know-how should not be lost?” As you can imagine, there were other considerations, but these were the most significant ones. These considerations would play an important part in shaping my intuitive judgment when the time came for a decision.
Within this context, I then set about producing two “bookends,” which would serve both as extreme, unlikely markers and prompts for my creative thinking. My bookends came out as, at one end “Cease to operate,” as the Yin, while the Yang at the other end was: “Seek a conventional buyer.” Why these were both unacceptable can be found in our in our Latest Example. Once I had these bookends in place, my intuitive mind started racing to come up with other more likely, realistic options.
From there I set out to produce at least five options; so as to plumb the best thinking out of my mental senses and dig-up every reasonable possibility. One of the five, although not the one I ultimately chose, turned out to be: “Expand current alliance partners”…Option D. My four other considered options are again shared in our Latest Example tab… click on the tab and view for yourself.
Now that my pictogram was complete, since our intuitive mind prefers to interpret pictures, I was primed for emotional distancing to make an optimum decision. This meant putting the pictogram out of sight for a while and focus on something else, while my intuitive senses absorbed and worked through my options… relative to my life’s experience base. Since it was such a momentous decision, I decided to sleep on it and review the pictogram before I went to sleep and immediately I awoke. Whatever my intuition led me to would be my likely best option.
I did subsequently make my choice and now I’m beginning to work that through.
In fact, I more-or-less immediately drew up an action initiative, while the whole matter was still fresh in my mind, and that initiative is now before me. What choice would you have made, if you were in my shoes?
If you have an option solving example of your own, please share it with this blogger, through the COMMENTS area.
Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: “What is the best option for a friend’s daughter?” Let’s have your COMMENTS or go to to connect with the blogger.)


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