What is family’s best option for disposing of in-storage piano: using Option Solving?”

Last time we explored a family’s best option for moving personal belongings out of storage before month end, but then they still had the issue of moving a rather heavy upright, Wurlitzer piano which would take 3-4 people to move. The storage space operator did suggest contacting a local piano mover, although, since it was a weekend, that person wasn’t around. So they left the piano in the storage space to find a solution before their month-end deadline.

Since they were now familiar with the option solving technique, they were able to immediately formulate the appropriate rational question as, “What is the family’s best option for disposing of their stored piano; considering they already have a piano, it looks ‘well-worn,’ it’s very heavy, the need to vacate storage space before month end, and the family is unlikely to find new owner at short notice?” There were other additional considerations, but these represented the most obvious ones rather than over-complicate things.

Now that their question was in play, they set-about formulating appropriate Yin and Yang “bookends”; so as to stimulate their intuitive thinking and establish outer limits on their options. These two bookends came out as: “Leave it there,” at one end, with, “Trash piano” at the other. Our Latest Example shows why these were unlikely options.


With their option solving framework now in place, they set-about figuring out at least five plausible options by plumbing their life’s experiences and intuitive thoughts. (Note: It works best to figure-out at least five options to stretch their creative thinking.)  One of their options was: “Pay for piano mover B to take away before month end (4 days time)”…  which was their Option C. Take a look at our Latest Example to see which one  you would consider in their circumstances?


They now slept on this overnight to provide emotional distancing and allow their minds to subconsciously mull over their chosen options. When they returned to their “pictogram” the following morning, their intuitions were ready for making their final choice.

They then sprang into action, based upon this option, while things were still fresh and they were primed to go. When I followed up with them a few days later, their piano had been disposed of accordingly.

If you have an issue example of your own, please share it with this blogger, through the COMMENTS area.  Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: “What is best option for two potential business partners to start  a working relationship?”  We’re always interested in your COMMENTS or go to peter@ileadershipsolutions.com to connect with the blogger.)


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