Peeling the Onion – Increasing my organization’s performance effectiveness through clarifying our Vision and Purpose: using Option Solving?

Having been fortunate enough to have a group of executives to lend their wisdom on another member’s option solving dilemma, where they focused him on “clarifying his firm’s Purpose and Vision:” the prior example meeting executive now faced the decision as to the best way to take his organization with such an exercise.

Since he was now familiar with the option solving approach, he immediately set about producing a question as follows: “From Option D in prior dilemma: What’s our best option for clarifying our Vision and Purpose to increase organization performance; considering 1) need to get my key players on board, 2) we’re feeling a lot of market pressures, 3) have not had much success in the past with “vision” exercises, and 4) unsure about internal resistance?” There were other possibilities, too, but these were his key four choices without overly complicating such a dilemma question.

With his question set, he then produced two likely yin and yang “bookends” for powering his mind’s focus on developing more viable options. His bookends were as follows: “Let our Vision and Purpose evolve through osmosis” and “Hold open competition for outsiders to develop our Vision and Purpose.” Take a look at these in our Latest Worked Example.

He then set about producing a minimum of five options for his ultimate consideration. Option Solving requires that you produce at least five, in order to stimulate genuine thinking.  When you look at his five alternatives in our Latest Example, you will notice one is: “Option E: Include my key team in developing my Vision and Purpose: then roll out – BUT do I have strategic thinkers needed?” He intended to sleep on these and then decide which would be his best option tomorrow morning – not a bad idea for emotional distancing, see below. Note how he was asking himself the question of whether he had the strategic thinkers on his team to play a part in the exercise.

With his “pictogram” ready to go, I encouraged him to give himself that time for some emotional distancing. Emotional distancing would allow his intuitive-mind to compare with his life- long experiences recorded in his 3 pound brain.  Which option would you have chosen?

If you have an example of your own, please share it with this blogger, through the COMMENTS area.  Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting will be in two weeks time: “What will have the most impact on Customer Satisfaction?” Let’s have your COMMENTS or go to to connect with the blogger. Also consider buying the book: “Smart Decisions: Goodbye Problems, Hello Options” through


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