What is my optimal professional office option: using Option Solving?

A professional friend is experiencing business and growth difficulties and wants to figure out his best course of action in the circumstances. Fortunately, he was already aware of the option solving approach, so we were able to get right to it.

He promptly set about  producing a rational question to spark possible options, which turned out to be: “What is my optimal professional office option: considering 1) local demographics have changed, 2) Great Recession still has lingering impact, 3) staff are borderline, and 4) beginning to think about retirement?” He came up with other considerations, but felt it was best to stick with four key ones, without overly complicating his ultimate decision dilemma.

We immediately got him to produce two “bookend” choices to serve as his yin and yang extreme possibilities. These would hem-in his intuitive mind to concentrate on his most realistic set of options. The bookends he selected were: “Just let office fritter away” and “Find partners to invest in practice in a significant way,” both of which he felt were least probable outcomes. Our intuitive minds can so easily be distracted, so such bookends help keep them on track and focused – see our Latest Worked Example.

His next challenge was to come-up with at least five realistic options for stretching his options to an optimal degree – you will see he produced six.  Look at our Latest Example and you will see those six options, one of those proposed was: “Option F – Bring in a professional CEO to run practice, turn it around – I just remain owner and practice.”

With his “pictogram” now in place, indicating all six options, it was now time for him to engage in some emotional distancing. Emotional distancing would allow his intuitive mind to sub-consciously ponder his six options, now they were all in place. It will also enable him to be more objective when he returned to this pictogram to make his optimum choice. Once he made that choice, it would be important for him to stick with it and create an associated action initiative, while it is still fresh in his mind.

Which option would you have chosen, if you were in his shoes?

If you have an example of your own, please share it with this blogger, through the COMMENTS area.  Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting will be in two weeks time: “Peeling the Onion: What is my most reasonable professional office option?” Let’s have your COMMENTS or go to peter@ileadershipsolutions.com to connect with the blogger. Also consider buying the book: “Smart Decisions: Goodbye Problems, Hello Options” through amazon.com)


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