Spring Madness –Everyone’s preoccupied – What option would you choose to address this: using Option Solving?

A recent client discussion revealed that he and his people were preoccupied with making new business inroads with existing and prospective customers. However, they were finding that these groupings were preoccupied, too, which made it tough to talk with them and progress his company’s growth strategy. Your writer then introduced him to option solving as a way of coming-up with a successful approach to this issue.

Once the client was comfortable with the OS technique, he dived into producing a rational question that would spark his intuitive mind to come-up with some worthy options. His question turned out to be: “Spring Madness –Everyone’s preoccupied: What option would you choose to address this; considering 1) economy gearing up after slow improvement, 2) major tax overhaul now complete, 3) executives cranking-up for re-newed commercial environment, and 4) pre-occupied with turn-around activities and uncertainty about if it’s for real?”  These four primary considerations provide ample perspective for his intuitive talent regarding the overall question. Even though there were others, he restricted it to the most important ones so as not to overly complicate his team’s ultimate decision.

He was now challenged to create two yin and yang “bookends,” which would serve as his company’s extreme possibilities. Such bookends would then help focus his and his team’s intuitive faculties toward their most realistic options. Bookends like these are vital for preventing people’s fertile intuitive minds from wandering and losing focus away from the issue at hand.

Yin and yang bookends that surfaced were: “Go with the flow” and “Do something totally wild to catch media attention,” both of which seemed unacceptable possibilities: so they would only serve the purpose of sparking more realistic possibilities – see our Latest Worked Example.

With these in place, he was advised to develop at least five realistic options, so as to stretch his number of possibilities. You will see where he produced six likely, realistic options. He then turned to emotional distancing to dwell upon the best optimum solution. Feel free to review his potential six in our Latest Example, one of which was: “Option-C: Offer to assist with their Spring Madness.”

With his “pictogram” potentially ready for further thought by his team, they would all pursue some emotional distancing at that moment in time. Emotional distancing would allow their intuitive minds to sub-consciously review this range of options against so many of their similar life experiences and choices; thereby seeking an optimal solution. What option would you choose?

If you have an example of your own, please share it with this blogger, through the COMMENTS area.  Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting will be in two week’s time: “Time for a team member’s retirement?” Let’s have your COMMENTS or go to peter@ileadershipsolutions.com to connect with the blogger. Also consider buying the book: “Smart Decisions: Goodbye Problems, Hello Options” through amazon.com)


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