Peel the Onion 2nd Time: Best career move – Sub-Option AA – Pursue a fresh career in marketing related to the aviation industry: using Option Solving

Recently we further helped a client whose son was striving to generate a fresh career direction and we decided to pursue a second round of Peeling the Onion, in order to give him more specific role alternatives related to the aviation industry looking at fresh sub-options from AA -FF. By using a Peeling the Onion exercise second round, we had to take the client’s son through the whole cycle again.

The new rational question turned out to be: “Peeling the Onion: What is my best alternative to move my career in an optimal direction: Option B – Pursue a fresh career related to the aviation industry; then by choosing Peeling the Onion Sub-Option AA – Pursue a marketing career in the aviation field; considering 1) need something of great immediate value in the aviation industry, 2) offer state-of-art approach, 3) show distinct product/service, and 4) needs to be something of high professional quality?” These turned out to be his son’s four third round of considerations based upon an Option B related question, despite several other possibilities, so as to still make his related decision outcome that much easier to handle.

We then set out to determine two fresh yin and yang “bookends.” These would further aid focusing his son’s intuitive, decision-making mind on his most realistic sub-sub-options AAA-FFF. Bookends such as these are vital for preventing people’s fertile intuitive minds from wandering and losing focus. We are mostly unaware of how powerfully valuable but foot-loose our intuition can be unless properly focused.   

Again, these two new bookends turned out to be: “Take first option that comes along,” which would be too shaky, and “Take mktg refresher course at local college on state-of-art marketing,” where there would be a lack of time and resources. Both remained his least likely options for the reasons given. Even so, they would help kick-start his intuitive mind once more to produce his son’s most creative sub-sub options – see our Latest Worked Example.

Again, we went beyond the minimum of five – to six – reasonable alternatives AAA-FFF, so as to stretch his son’s range of sub-sub-options as much as possible. Now he could pick the precise career channel and put together a gameplan for that sub-sub option or potentially Peel the Onion once more: to gain even further clarity on his ultimate career track, right now. We were assured he would be ready to put a game plan together to proceed down that track.

His son would still need some further time for emotional distancing – a form of objective thinking- before making his choice…again, perhaps after 2 hours, later that day thinking, or first thing the following morning.

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