Getting Sales Meetings without Alienating Prospects through Option Solving

During these recessionary times securing sales meetings is tougher than usual. Even after a salesperson gets the ball rolling, building relationships through subsequent meetings can be equally challenging as prospects have to make difficult decisions about whether they can afford to proceed. This is where skill and finesse is required by the salesperson.

It is more than likely salespeople will look to their sales leaders for advice and coaching on how to handle the situation. Talented sales leaders will not be drawn into just giving their “charges” the answer; they will challenge their team members to come up with their own answer. This way their salespeople will more likely act on their choice, as well as discover their best option: which they won’t then forget in a hurry.

So, firstly, sales leaders, following the Option Solving technique, will work with their salespeople to come up with the right question: see the Latest Example. Once this is has been hashed out, then sales leaders can encourage their sales team members to come up with bookends: the least likely options like – “Forget the idea” or at the other end “Camp outside his/her door:” find out more in the book.

Such extreme options help to stimulate the intuitive intelligence to come up with its best alternatives. In this example, we have: “Leave alone for a month,” options B-E, and “Approach an ‘outside’ Janice friend and ask for 3rd party advice.” We deliberately left the other options open, since there is no one set of alternatives. Once the range of reasonable options is in place, then sales leaders will encourage their salespeople to pick the best alternative option. This is the one that their sales people should now pursue with all due skill.

Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: Attracting the right people to seminars, through Option Solving. Make your COMMENTS or go to peter to connect with the author. )


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