Attracting the Right People to Seminars through Option Solving

 The other week I was talking to a small group of people about their efforts to promote their particular organization through a series of talks. They operate in a big city where there is always plenty of competition for audiences who wish to listen to speakers on a whole range of topics. They had targeted a particular audience of family owned business leaders: where owners could listen to and meet interesting speakers on a range of topics particularly germane to their issues and needs.

As we talked about their challenge of attracting such an audience, they talked about their frustration of finding too many brokers, consultants, bankers and others turning up rather than the owners of family businesses. So we began to formulate a question: “What is our best alternative to attract owners to seminars…” but stopped there to consider some of the issues associated with such a need. We listed eight in all, with the top four being listed in the latest example question (see Latest Example).

With the question in hand, we then considered the most pertinent “bookends,” in order to get our combined intuitive insights into top gear for the different possible options. Those ranged from: Give everyone $1000 to attend, and at the other end, Charge People $1000 to attend. Being somewhat outlandish with bookends has the intent to stimulate the intuitive mind to switch into high gear. When you look at some of the question considerations, the latter is not such an outlandish thought. But now the real options really started to flow, which ended up with six different viable possibilities: three of which are shown in the Latest Example.

With an Option Solving topic like this, coupled with the right, fairly large group of people to look at all the alternatives,  then even more interesting options could emerge. Having sufficient people in the room, would bring out the real “wisdom of the crowd” to come up with an optimal, creative solution.

Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: Taking a better approach to Quality, through Option Solving. Make your COMMENTS or go to peter to connect with the author.)


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