Solving My Office Dilemma: using Option Solving

This blog is about Option Solving and how it has so many applications.

Just recently we were having dinner with some close friends. The wife, a psychotherapist, was facing the renewal of her office lease. While there were some other contextual factors that were driving her dilemma, she was struggling with her approach because she had not been the primary lessee to date, very much liked her office (which she had already occupied for several years), and was hoping to keep it for another 5-7 years.

At some point, as our friend described situation, my wife suggested that I introduce this friend to option solving. With a quick overview, I then worked toward what her question would be; based upon her circumstances and considerations (see the Latest Example).

Once we succeeded with the question, then we explored her “bookends”: those more extreme options which were least likely to be considered…but they were options nevertheless. Based on her current level of frustration, one option was “Tell them to ‘Go to Hell’” and the other was “Accept whatever terms are offered” – see Latest Example.

With her intuitive senses pushing these to one side, now she was ready to create fresh potential options. Two of which, in the Latest Example,  were “Low ball the landlord, in view of it being a renters market”  and “Find others to jointly lease the space.” Once all her five options became clear, I then advised her to sleep on it (use some emotional distancing, which she thought was a great idea), when her most favorable option would surface once she woke the following morning … her intuitive mind will push aside the clutter and haziness and prompt her to make an optimum decision. Suddenly, toward the end of dinner,  a whole look of peace crossed her face, which happens to so many other options solvers at this point. As of writing this blog, she was making good progress along her chosen path.

Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: “Sometimes the initial question is not the right question.”  Make your COMMENTS or go to peter to connect with the author.)


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