Peeling the Onion – Getting our key team through the storming phase: by means of Option Solving!

At their prior Option Solving session, the two key owners had produced a decision-picture for figuring out their options for choosing the best way to get their Strategic Team members through the storming phase. After some emotional distancing, they decided upon option E: Work with Key team in pairs on a rotating basis to break down a number of walls. Since they weren’t sure of the best way to do that, they decided on a “peel the onion” exercise in order to flush out some optimal sub-options.

To this extent, they posed the following question to their intuitive minds to get the ball rolling: “What is our best option for getting our Strategist Team working in pairs, as a way of enhancing full team collaboration; considering their domains focus on different things, there may be some resistance among certain pairs, we could resolve some valuable issues, it would highlight who likes working with who?” The four determined considerations were only 50% of those listed, but were the most important ones.

With this in place, they then worked-up two Ying and Yang “bookends;” as their most way-out options. These again would serve as frame-ends between which other possible options could emerge. Our latest example shows them as: “Just leave members to do their own thing,” at one end and at the other end, “Keep pushing to get them working together as a team.” In our latest example, you will notice why they probably wouldn’t work. Such extreme options were good for stimulating the partner’s minds to come up with some good, plausible options..

They then produced five different options – see our Latest Example. One of those options was: “Let pairs exchange views on each other’s domains and how they can help each other”…option A. You are able to see their other four choices in our Latest Example. What option would you see as the most promising?

Again, we turned over their peel the onion option-picture and talked about other issues as a means of allowing emotional distancing . After about 20 minutes we turned it over again for them to make their additional sub-choice. They seemed to feel good about their choice and immediately set about creating an action initiative while things were still fresh in their mind.

If you have an example of your own, please share it with this blogger, through the COMMENTS area.
Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: “Dealing with verbal abuse by a live-in aid to elderly relative?’” We’re always interested in your COMMENTS or go to peter to connect with the blogger.)


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