Young people solving their career issues, again: using Option Solving ?

Young people solving their career issues, again: using Option Solving ?

A young person in my circle, who has already made an unsatisfactory start in their career world, is now taking a fresh track to their career. That person decided to relocate and position self to pursue a graduate degree in a specialized financial field aiming for a fresh career option. Unfortunately, despite that person’s intention to pay-their-way, the local job prospects were far more difficult than originally thought. Even though that person had already started and invested in some intense preparatory studies, he/she had to reconsider their position relative to economics. This dilemma became a great topic for option solving.

He/She needed an initial grounding in option solving and was then ready to move ahead. So their first step was to use their rational talents to create a probing question for their innate intuitive capabilities to make an optimal judgment, based upon a range of options. Their question and related consider-ations came out as: “What is my best career option following my move close to university for graduate education, considering my intention to pay-my-way, good local jobs seem to be scarce, my credentials are rather specialized, I prefer the local weather and personal independence, recruitment is done in a ‘hands-off,’ virtual way, and am heading for a career in finance?” They came up with several other considerations, although felt the ones embedded in this question were the 50% most important ones. They represented both sides of the dilemma’s coin.

Now that their question was in place, they were prompted to develop two Yin and Yang “bookends” to create a framework with their most unlikely options. In our Latest Example, you will see these came out as: “Just wait for the right position to find me,” at one end, with, “Take whatever job comes along, regardless of salary level or job type” at the other. The reasons for these being unlikely are given in our example picture.

This person then focused on coming up with the most plausible options. Although they were encouraged to come up with at least five, to stretch their creative thinking, he/she came up with six. The second of six turned out to be: “Keep working on grad prep courses, get accepted to grad school and take on government loans, if necessary” …option B.

Comfortable with these six realistic options, they were now in a position to pursue some emotional distancing time by sleeping on these possibilities. However, they should not put themselves into a position to second-guess themselves. This means take one night to sleep on it, then take a quick look at their option solving picture – soon after waking the following day – and then take their decision and stand by it unless things dramatically change. Then they should proceed to make an action plan, while the issues are still fresh in their mind.

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