And our mystery issue is – “America’s Future: using Option Solving?”

Let’s fantasize as we might, during this season of goodwill, that we bring all political parties together to provide a panel for making a recommendation on America’s near-term future using option solving. We ensure the all-party panelists are briefed on option solving: its seven key steps, methodology and tremendous decision advantages.

With that completed, we now get them focused on producing the right question to prod their collective intuition to create a range of options for choosing the optimum way forward. Their question and related considerations flowed as follows: “What is America’s best option going forward in 2014, considering there’s tremendous political polarization occuring, its economy is slowly turning around, there is tremendous uncertainty over its new health system, and there are many dangerous hot spots festering around the world?” The panel produced several other important considerations, although it felt these were approximately 50% of the total, but were the most important ones.

Once their question was ready, they were invited to develop two Yin and Yang “bookends” for producing a framework with their least likely options: along with the key reasons for setting them aside. They still acted as an important prompt in producing more likely options. In our Latest Example, you will see these came out as: “Just keep trundling along with deficit spending,” at one end, with, “Invade key trouble spots and bring them under control” at the other. Their extreme views will help our all-party panel come up with more creative and hopefully objective options.

Although option solvers will usually produce at least five possibilities for stretch-ing the limits of their thinking, this panel came-up with six. In two of the six, option C turned out to be: “Produce 3-4 joint-party, compelling, national visions + National debate + Referendum,” and option F was “Revamp education system at all levels and then create public/private exchanges to access capital for creativity push.”

Now that an Option Solving pictorium was in place, we gave our celebrity panel a late lunch break, as a form of emotional distancing, to talk about other things and let their intuitive minds subconsciously mull over their options. When they returned, they were immediately shown the pictorium again and required to put it to a vote after a quick intuitive review. Once the vote was in, they were given the option of either going straight to an action initiative, while the whole issue was still hot in their minds, or to pursue “Peeling the Onion” with their choice. They chose the latter to help unearth better option insights, which will be shared in two weeks time. If any readers have their own choices, please share them under the blog comments section.

If you have an issue example of your own, please share it with this blogger, through the COMMENTS area.
Thanks Option Solving. (NOTE: Next posting in 2 weeks: “Peeling the Onion with America’s future.” We’re always interested in your COMMENTS or go to to connect with the blogger.)


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