Peel the Onion: Shall We Sell our Business – using Option Solving?”

In our last example, we looked at the dilemma facing two family members as they considered an interesting offer to buy their company. They came up with 8 options and, after some emotional distancing, they concluded to postpone their decision for two years as the offer wasn’t rich enough right now to pursue. During that time, they would consider their optimum option to reap the best benefits of postponement.

As adherents to the option solving technique, they now set about producing an appropriate question for this new key decision. This turned out to be: “What is our best option in postponing a sell decision for 2 years and making the most of that hiatus; considering we might not find another buyer in 2 years, the market could go against us in that time, we may produce results beyond our expectations, complications if our workforce finds out, and our strong team may fall apart?” There were other considerat-ions, but these were the most predominant ones, in order not to make the question too complex.

Now they were ready to develop their two contrasting bookends, the least likely Yin and Yang frame-ends, which put the limits on option thinking, but, at the same time, spurred more realistic options. These turned out to be: “Minimize investment and maximize profit take,” at one end, with, “Maximize investment at minimum profit” at the other. You can see why these weren’t acceptable in our Latest Example.

The two of them then set about producing at least five plausible options . After a reasonable period of discussion they created these, one of which was: “Separate main from other growth businesses, and maximize performance in all “… which was Option C. You can view their other four options in our latest example.

With five options in place, they now broke off for a while for emotional distancing. They wheeled off to discuss other company issues and allow their intuitions to subconsciously work through their option picture. After some time, they came back to their pictogram and chose their option. What option would you choose for them?

Once their choice was made, they put in place an action initiative to move forward with their decision while everything was still fresh in their mind.
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