Better Freight Options – using Option Solving?”

At a recent executive forum, where we discussed the Option Solving technique, the group decided to use it to resolve a participant’s latest business dilemma. It was a freight forwarding company and therefore relied on a particular broker to help in moving freight westward. They had worked with the broker for a number of years, consequently it was a more difficult decision. The broker’s performance had been declining for some time and now was the time to “fish or cut bait.”

Having now familiarized themselves with the option solving technique, the group set about producing an appropriate question for their colleagues ultimate decision. After some due deliberation, it became: “What is our best option for moving freight West , considering current customer satisfaction, profitability impact, and opportunity to expand?” Other considerations were contemplated but these turned out to be the main ones.

They were now in a position to take the next option solving step: that is, to create two contrasting bookends, the least likely Yin and Yang frame-ends. These are designed to create option limits, as well as spur participants’ intuitive minds to search for the most practical options. After some debate, the book-ends transpired as: “Manage current broker to improve performance,” at one end, with, “Not go West” at the other. Neither of these were acceptable, even though they are legitimate options. You can see the reasons why not in our Latest Example.

With having got this far, the group began contemplating more acceptable options knowing that they had to produce at least five. In fact, you can see, they came up with seven; of which one was: “Handle all the freight in-house”… which happened to be Option E. Their other options are available for viewing.

I encouraged them to break-off for a while to talk about other things and allow some time for emotional distancing. A natural break, as well as time for sharing other option solving know-how, permitted their intuitive minds to subconsciously mull over their pictogram. When they returned to this pictogram, it was unveiled again and they were charged to quickly assimilate it and give their anonymous vote. The group did hone in on one choice, although there were a couple of outliers. What option would you choose for them?

Now that choice was made, they were encouraged to come up with an action initiative, while the choice was top-of-the- mind. A good time to take next steps.
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